Frequently Asked Questions.

What colours does Tree Chalk come in ?

Tree Chalk cans are available in blue, pink, and orange.  Our bulk spraying is done in blue only.

Is it as good as flagging tape?

Yes. Tree Chalk is easier to use then attaching flagging tape and it is better for the earth as well.

Flagging tape does not biodegrade rapidly and can be found on cut blocks many years after planting. Removing flagging tape from cut blocks is good for the environment, wild life and domestic animals.

Is it more expensive?

Tree Chalk is more cost effective than plastic flagging tape when using our bulk spraying system.  The cost when using the cans will be slightly more.

How long does it take to dry ?

The chalk dries within minutes of being sprayed on the tops of the seedlings and does not damage the foliage or buds of seedlings. Tree Chalk washes off after heavy rainfall or biodegrades within a week or two after being applied.  

What are the benefits of using Tree Chalk?

1. Save Time + Money.

2. Reducing the potential for double plants. 

3. Is not ingested by livestock

4. It's good for the environment.

Yes. All of our cans are 100% recyclable free of charge in depots across BC.

Can I recycle the cans?