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Apply in the field or the nursery. We have made it easy for you to use Tree Chalk in either setting.


Planter Application 

  • Planters can apply Tree Chalk at the cache very efficiently.  We recommend using 1 or 2 gallon pump sprayers at each cache.  These units run only $25 each.  Spraying at the cache will add roughly 60 seconds to  the planters bag-up, making average bag up time only 2 minutes.  The Chalk dries minutes after planting resumes and rub off is minimal.

Hotlift Application

  • With Hotlift trees coming in the boxes standing upright, Tree Chalk becomes even more efficient.  We recommend a battery  powered sprayer for this and you can expect to spray roughly 600-800K with a 1 person work day. 

Refer/Cache  Application 

  • We recommend using tables for spraying at the refer.  With the system shown in the video 1 sprayer can pr-spray roughly 80K seedlings a day setting a crew up beforehand.  This can be done with a contractor having either a full time sprayer to prep planters trees for them for the shift or a crew member prepping only a days worth the night before. 

Nursery Application

  • We apply Tree Chalk in nurseries with our bulk spraying system. Spraying in the nursery is more efficient and cuts down on waste in the field and additional prep time by your team. 

  • Tree Chalk has performed comprehensive testing with multiple nurseries across BC..    With zero detriments to the seedlings, we saw healthy and green cambial status and 100% survival letting us move forward with bulk spraying.

  • Our sprayers mark roughly 60-80K seedlings an hour.  It’s as simple as having your foresters contact us with their request keys and we will take care of the rest.

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