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We care about our forests. We designed an eco-friendly chalk based spray to keep the tree planting industry efficient + sustainable.

Patented: 2019-01-25

We are proud to be a Canadian company of experienced Tree Planters dedicated to making our industry sustainable + efficient.

Tree Chalk is a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly chalk-based pigment spray. Our chalk applications are done in nurseries or in the field.

Tree Chalk washes off after heavy rainfall or biodegrades within a week after the seedlings have been planted in the forests.

We are the ORIGINAL tree chalk spray.


Tree Chalk has been developed to mark seedlings before they are planted leaving them highly visible on the landscape.


The chalk dries within minutes of being sprayed on the tops of the seedlings and does not damage the foliage or buds of seedlings.

Our Mission, Purpose & Values.


As tree planters we have always believed we are stewards of the land and after twenty years in the industry we decided that there had to be a solution to flagging tape littering the planned forests that we were planting.

We worked with a team of chemists to create an eco-friendly, chalk based pigment spray that would ensure seedlings are visible at the time of planting thus removing the need for expensive and environmentally polluting flagging tape.

Our other top priority was an easy application that saves time and gets more TREES planted.

Patent: 5114P01CA

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